Meet The majestic Black smoke Boy Maine Coon brothers Pontiac and Passo (VIDEO)

Maine Coon cats are such majestic creatures. And, they are Gentle Giants. When my Fluffy past away it broke my heart. If someone decides to get 1 I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how loving and how much they will cuddle. Just so beautiful. And sweet. What else can you say. I love your cats. All of them. If you ever need a cat sitter I’ll be available.

Beautiful boys !! If I am in a funky mood I watch some of your videos they make me smile and laugh after it’s impossible to be mad or sad. These wonderful cats have faces that mirror certain primates.. It is wonderful how nature sets up this kind mimicry. Nothing is lost….Everything rese. Do all Main Coon cats look like this, or are they just yours that are so beautiful to look at with those mesmerizing faces. Wow, wow, wow, awesome looking felines. Still always in awesome wonder about their ability to take pictures. To the person that has d job of keeping them focused good job. Always a delight to see them.

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