Meet Beautiful Bobcat in our yard as our Cat runs in the house (VIDEO)

Wow.. Check out this Wild Bobcat that we got on film last night lurking around the house! Absolutely beautiful! What an amazing creature. I think we’ve been blessed by the forest spirits! As soon as our cat saw this Bobcat she split into the house like lightning. You’re so lucky to encounter such a beautiful animal. I love nature and animals. I wish I live surrounded by nature and beautiful wild animals. The sound of birds chirping, and crickets cricketing, something so nice to wake up to every morning.

Wow, what a gorgeous creature, so elegant and supremely confident. And at the same time so pretty that one really wants to pet it (after making sure the local hospital has an ample supply of the right blood type available, hehe).
You guys are living the life … pond with geese, other pets, and in beautiful nature.

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