Meet Biggest Russian Blue Kitten Family Absolutely Beautiful (VIDEO)

Such a sweet and playful kitten. It has been almost 4 weeks and my 3-month-old Russian Blue kitten is still hiding from me. such a majestic feline. I love felines. Such a beautiful cat lol. I had a russian blue too. Yours is more of a pure bred Russian blue though. Mine was a little bit of a mix, the ones that are darker grey and have bright green eyes.

We have two Russian Blues 4 and 5 years old Beaumont and Troy. They live in a large house in London and we have made them an enclosed garden like a zoo with trees to climb and they love the height. They cannot get out as I believe they have little sense of direction. I also think they are very sensitive cats. a beautiful friendly breed frightened of strangers and faithful to owners.

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