MEET Handsome Boy Golden Maine Coon Kittens 3 Months Old (VIDEO)

Ours was an abandoned one eating out of the dumpster and off of good natured neighbors handouts. Snickers adopted us this early spring! One of our neighbors said had been hanging outside of our door. His been adopted by us since. His got a great home now.14 months old and larger than most adult cats Live ever seen. I had what I am sure was one wander into my life as a stray where I worked at one time. Best cat I’ve ever humane! once Fall hit he came home with me as he was most attached to me. He was 20 lbs. and not fat at all, laying on his side he was 24″ chest to butt.

I love my Maine Coon, Simba. He’s so sweet. But does anyone else have a problem finding a litter box that is big enough? He’ll stand in the middle of the box, lift his tail and pee completely outside the box. A large Rubbermaid tote is the only box that works.

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