Meet Six Pallas’s cat kittens born at the Novosibirsk zoo (VIDEO)

Their ears are short and round because they have no interest in listening into other people’s business
Be like Pallas. I got top grades in school, I like watching nature documentaries and I absolutely love cats. And still I was today years old when I first heard of this animal. I’ve lived 41 years on this planet, and didn’t know this adorable and deadly fluff creature existed. Now I’m obsessed.

I was extremely impressed with its camouflaging abilities. It’s fur seemed to blend seamlessly with the desert floor. Even better than sand vipers that blend in the sand. What a beautiful creature. Somehow I knew you were the one drawing the animals. You have an artist aura shining brightly around you! I love your art and its very inspiring. I love learning all I can about animals lol I may be your favorite person to take at a zoo I’m like a personal zoo keeper who spouts out all facts about each animal lol I’m studying to become a zookeeper at the moment.

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