A kitten with Teddy Bear ears and twisted legs won’t give up fighting for her life (Video Inside)

Aw she’s precious. Just adorable. So glad she was helped and on the mend. Hope she continues to improve and heals completely. She’s adorable. Love her teddy bear ears they’re so cute. Hope she gets a wonderful family to give her her happily ever after. Such an adorable kitty. I can’t believe how her legs straightened out! Kitty getting lots of love from everyone!!! You are awesome for taking care of her.

Omg, what a sweetheart so cute with those little Bear ears & pray she gets better & finds a furever loving home, thank you for giving a chance to have a good life. Poor wee angel! She is so cooperative with the vet My! legs were like that when I was born, but splints & physio & lots of walking (falling over!) fixed things. And I think she’s the same – lots of love & she’ll win! ❤

 Love keeps the engine going.

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