So Adorable Cheetah Cubs First Adventure (VIDEO)

Cheetah Cubs First Adventure | The Lion Whisperer. Today’s video shows a fun health and well-being update of all our 8 new residents. Our original Miracle 5 group and their 3 new cheetah friends have come such a long way since we first rescued them. They are so confident that Kevin Richardson decided to take them out on their first adventure.

Going to Africa has long been a dream, to visit/volunteer for you for a while and do a week safari. Sadly it will remain a dream due to finances and I’m sure others are in the same boat. Thanks as always for all you do for the animals. They are so beautiful !! Thank you Kevin for making the videos for everyone to enjoy. It takes a lot of work just to care for these awesome cats and and you still make the time to give us a peek into their world. You are a very wonderful human being.

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