Blue Smoke Maine Coon 4 Kittens Families so Beautiful (VIDEO)

My Maine coons cats are brother and sister. But Jimmie the male he was robbed from being small. It was 2 weeks later at 8weekß maybe 10 weeks he looked full grown. But he just kept growing. I have to use both hands just to pick him up. Sarah his sister will not let me pick her up. ẞhe only lets me pet her when I lay down in bed.

Would it be a good idea to get a Maine coon kitten to a Bombay boy (age 1,5 years). Our boy is very VERY active, and has NO sense of personal space. Our boy lost his brother as a kitten (they were sick rescue-cats), and I think he really needs a friend. But would another kitten be happy with our boy’s 24/7 “lets cuddle play wrestle NOW”? We walk our boy outside every day.

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