Meet ‘Fire Angel’ The Beautiful Red Smoke Maine Coon Kitten (VIDEO)

When people come to my house their eyes pop out when the see the size of my Baxter. Baxter is a big cuddlier. His tail is his pride and joy, you do not mess with his big fluffy tail. He talks to me all day long (loudly) and brings me presents….Snakes, mice, squirrels, birds. It is disgusting but he thinks it is his way of saying thanks.

All of the coons I have seen have a cool calm demeanor. They don’t seem to be high strung or catty lol like some other US cats. Could it be a bred/ inherited trait much like part of Russia has been breeding certain foxes to be happy/playful and basically domesticated versus the typically foxes skittishness and distrust toward humans? Maine coons seem to have found their inner zen while some other cats still have catching up to do.

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