The Enchanting Advantages of Children Growing Up with Pets

Since the union of man and dog some 15,000 years ago, we’ve been raising babies alongside puppies.

A dog is a man’s best friend, but before “man” even comes into the picture, children make best friends with our canine companions too. There’s something about the pure joy, untainted by the trials of life that dogs have in common with babies.

Which is why there is nothing cuter in this world than dogs and babies having fun.

Watching a compilation of babies and dogs having a ball (sometimes literally) can be a cuteness overload.

We already know that the cutest sound in the world is the sound of a baby laughing, and it seems like the shortcut key for that reaction is to pair an adorable baby with an equally adorable pup. The relationship between dogs and children is that of mutual entertainment. Of being able to endlessly keep each other company and make each other laugh from nothing.

Not to mention the purity of love.

If there’s something that both babies and dogs alike love, it’s cuddles. And if there’s anything we love seeing babies and dogs do, it’s…you guessed it..cuddling! We love cuddling babies, and we love cuddling dogs, so why wouldn’t babies cuddling dogs tug on our heart strings too!

Of course, another thing they love is having fun!

Dogs fetch balls, babies laugh at jingling keys, the math all leads to the same result: ultimate fun. Before human children get the chance to spoil their funometers with video games and rollercoasters, babies are very easy to entertain. Of course dogs don’t get access to rollercoasters either, so they too are content with simple games. If only they made arcades for dogs which rewards winning with treats.

How cool does this fella look with his bestie?

This cool-looking good boy is happy swinging along with his infantile friend. This is a classic fun-day-out for a pair of pals such as this. Even though these swings are designed for human babies, why can’t they also be used for canine babies too?

And who loves a nap more than babies and doggos?

It’s commonplace to see babies and toddlers napping together. I guess there’s just something so comforting about having a furry friend that makes babies comfortable enough to snooze away for hours.

And could there be a greater companion for a growing mind?

While dogs are pretty terrible at reading, they sure can offer emotional support while young minds learn. A dog will happily keep you company while you read, provided they don’t decide they’d rather play catch instead.

But they’d rather be active participants in your fun of course!

When we need a push on the swings, you can always rely on our pawed palls to come through.

They’re there for us when we need help, when we need friends, fun and of course love.

The companionship of man and dog begins at an early age and only grows as we do.

Watch the full video below to enjoy this heart-warming cuteness-fest.

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