MEET “African Gold” a Young Maine Coon Gentleman Golden Eyes (Video Inside)

African Gold! What a great name for this incredibly gorgeous angel. Excellent photography as usual. You’re the master of the camera. Thanks for making a great Tuesday. As always, you consistently give us something beautiful to look at & enjoy. Thank you. I love these cats. Oh my goodness African Gold is definitely a gorgeous creature 🥰

 I can’t get over his majestic tail it looks like a giant fluffy white plume.

Another stunningly beautiful boy. He is absolutely gorgeous. Just the way the fur flows, everything about these cats is so regal and majestic. You have wonderful and beautiful animals. Thank you for always sharing with us. He’s a very beautiful cat and I’m sure a gentle spirit. I once had a beautiful white cat very similar to him. But wasn’t a main co on. I miss him ALOT. YOUR CATS ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.

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