Meet Hercules, 922-Pound Liger, Is The World’s Largest Living Cat (Video Inside)

Well, as to endurance, I’d imagine that size and metabolism are big factors…The larger the animal, the more energy must be used to move it, but the faster its metabolism, the more quickly it burns energy, for very fast movement (and nerve induction/psychomotor response time)…So, what’s not too big, but not so small that it streaks around…
I’mma guess canines…maybe foxes? I don’t know enough about birds or insects to consider them though

What a gorgeous creature that big cat is, absolutely stunningly beautiful, I want to cuddle with him. The babies are adorable as well, of course, I once had a pure white ice blue eyed male cat I rescued, he was a few weeks old and he & his siblings were found under a dumpster where I worked, he was the only white kitten and I found out he was born deaf which the vet told me was common in pure white cats w/ice blue eyes, do you know that to be true?? He was so tiny but grew to be over 30lbs, maybe he’s a descendant of the liger🤷🏻‍♀️

 he was a sweet boi and I miss him.

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