Meet Majestic The Beauty Of The Fluffy White Maine Coon Kefir (Video Inside)

Stunningly beautiful! I love Maine Coons and hope to be owned by one someday. Wow so gorgeous🥰

 I wish I had one of Those. You’re so lucky to have such a beautiful cat like that one. I love big cats! I have a ginger cat that’s half Maine Coon and in his prime he was about 14.5 pounds, but now he’s 19 years old and about 13.5 pounds. His dad was a 24 pound Maine Coon and his mom was a regular tabby cat. This cat is super pretty with the all white too.

GORGEOUS! 😍 I owned a white Maine Coon with the exact same coloring, all white with amber eyes, I named him Cody. He wasn’t nearly as big(and regal looking) as this boy though. I loved him so much but unfortunately he died of a heart attack which I found out is possible in male Maine Coons with this type of coloring. Hope this isn’t the case with this beauty.

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