MEET Biggest British Shorthair Cat (VIDEO)

I got one yesterday her name is Phoebe. She is so soft, I just sat stroking her for around one hour and she did not move she eventually fell asleep. These cats tend to favor one person in the family. That does not mean that they are unfriendly towards other people. They are affectionate beautiful cats and will hardly ever hurt you unless they are uncomfortable or upset but I highly recommend these cats as they are the perfect companion.
I sadly lost her a few months ago due to complications in the stomach, we wanted to do whatever was best for Pheobe and sadly we had to say goodbye. I miss her every day and I think about her every day. I still recommended these cats, even when they’re gone they stay in the heart forever.

British Blues are my fav cats of all time as I love their relaxed demeanor and beautiful cuddly coats. I used to own one named Ruby but unfortunately she died at aged 11 back in 2013, I still miss her a lot! Your kitty is so cute!.

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