Meet Biggest Family, Triplet Snow Leopard Cubs with Beautiful Mother (VIDEO)

It’s so hard to take their attempts to act “ferocious” seriously!🤣… even more so with teeny tiny newborn domestic kittens who likely won’t grow up to be…. dangerous, unlike those cubs. Aww! These snow leopard cubs are feisty balls of fluff! So cute!! Kitty kitty! They’re so adorable, when they’re angry.

They sure are mean little buggers! Wouldn’t think such a deep growl would come from something so little. They are just one of the most beautiful cats in the wild. Hope they survive and don’t disappear from the face of the earth. Feisty little guys. I guess I’d be feisty if I was in a bag too! They’re definitely one of the most beautiful large cat’s in the world.

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