Tiniest pittie puppy melts hearts cuddling up to daddy

At just three weeks old, Annabelle decided she was a daddy’s girl. She absolutely loves her dad, and her dad loves her.

“It’s like a bond you can’t really explain,” Annabelle’s dad told GeoAnimals.

Annabelle was placed with her current family after the family decided to foster her mom when she was pregnant.

Annabelle’s biological mom was surrendered at a local shelter a week before she gave birth.

So, Annabelle’s human family took her in.

She gave birth to 12 puppies, including siblings Annabelle and Norman. Annabelle’s foster family had no intention of keeping any of the dogs until they fell in love.

Annabelle became a daddy’s girl, and Mom and their youngest daughter fell in love with Norman.

So, they adopted them both and gave them a forever home.

“She’s the prettiest girl, with blue eyes,” dad said.

“He would growl at Annabelle, and she would just love up on him and kiss on his face. When she wants love and attention, its dad. The two of them are just two peas in a pod,” mom said.

But Annabelle also has an exceptionally strong bond with her brother Norman.

“Norman and Annabelle had a connection that we didn’t even see in the beginning,” mom said.

You could see Annabelle climbing over the cuddle puddle of her brothers and sisters just to get close to Norman in videos of when they were newborns.

When Annabelle had to go to the vet, Norman was pretty distraught.

He waited at the window and wouldn’t budge until his sister got home.

He was exceedingly happy when she finally arrived home safe and sound.

“Norman is a very curious guy. He’s just a big giant goofball that makes us laugh all the time,” says mom. “Annabelle is completely reserved. Everything has to come in her way, in her time.”

Annabelle isn’t the biggest fan of people, but she’s opened up more and has been meeting a lot more people.

“We took her on a trip with my family, and she met a lot of different people, and she was fine which we were amazed at. We’ve come a long way,” mom said.

When Annabelle and Norman are home, they love playing underneath the pool deck.

That’s because it’s all muddy under there and they love to roll around in it and get dirty.

But dad doesn’t love it. He’s not a fan of having to give dogs muddy baths.

But they do it anyway. Even though dad tries to block off an entrance these determined dogs always find their way in. And they look so happy playing that dad doesn’t really get all that mad.

Mom and dad hope that Annabelle and Norman’s story will show will help destigmatize bully breeds.

According to Marin Humane, bully breeds include American Pit Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, Bullmastiffs, Staffordshire Terriers, Boston Terriers, Boxers, and French Bulldogs. Dogs who aren’t genetically one of these breeds but just look like one also get lumped in as a bully breed. Some say that these breeds are likely to bite, are naturally aggressive, have more dangerous bites than other dogs, or don’t get along with other children or animals.

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