Terrified shelter dog hugs best friend hours before being put down and saves their lives

There is no end to having dogs continuously roaming the streets as irresponsible owners abandon them without any remorse. Rescue shelters can only do so much to fix this mess, and each has limited capacity and resources for housing animals in their temporary home. If the shelter cannot find people who would adopt their pets, then it leaves some to have no choice but to put them to a terrible fate – euthanasia.

Euthanasia in shelters.

This topic has become a long debate concerning humanity, whether to allow euthanasia in shelters or not. Euthanizing is a term to put a living being to a swift and humane death, and it is some animal shelters’ final option to allow free space for more rescues to be taken care of.

However, many animal advocates have frowned upon this act and instead suggested that euthanasia should be reserved for only the gravely sick animals to avoid infecting other pets in the shelter. Plenty of shelters have adapted to this idea already, although some stuck to this conventional method to keep their shelter running.

These two dogs were just hours away from being euthanized.

Each dog at a kill-shelter has a timer, and unfortunately, for these two dogs, their time was just a few hours away before they were put to sleep. Their names are Kala and Keira.

Both dogs were together ever since they were transferred in 2015 at Etowah Valley Humane Society’s (EVHS) animal shelter, a non-profit shelter in Georgia. They were bunkmates and they have shared almost everything in their whole life.

Sadly, as the shelter allows euthanasia, their day eventually came, and the shelter was just waiting for potential saviors who could get them before the clock stopped ticking.

Some kind people helped send a message persuading people to come and save them.

People from the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue caught a glimpse of these adorable dogs and found out the terrible news about them. They could not take the dogs themselves since there are no available fosters but they lent their aid in finding the dogs someone who could temporarily take care of them or hopefully an adopter.

This miracle saved their lives.

The rescuers took the perfect photo of Kala hugging Kierra to share their story on social media. They told the story in a very emotional manner, with Kala begging for himself and her best friend.

The readers were aghast and heartbroken for the two and they began to help to share the message, hoping to find someone who could potentially save them. The post went viral and reached a gentleman who quickly rushed to the shelter to get them.

The man happily wrapped his arms around the pooches while they kissed him with their heartfelt gratitude.

Kala and Kierra fell into the right hands, living happily alongside their new owners.

The man only offered to foster them temporarily and so they had yet to find a permanent home. But three months after the photo was posted, the pooches finally found their new moms: Pam Cody and Wendy Newman.

Kala and Kierra were also perfect for them, since the two, just like them, were also best friends as well as roommates! It is amazing how their photograph changed their fate for the better and helped them find the right forever home.

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