Unbelievable Synchronicity Unveiled: Police Equine Sensation Revels in Jazz Melodies, Mesmerizing Onlookers with an Enchanting Dance Spectacle!

Music always had healing powers on human kind, yet apparently not only people loves it, but animals as well. And I am sure that many of us have spotted – at least once – animals enjoying some good music. After all, the internet is full of adorable footages of dogs and kittens showing their (sometimes silly) dancing moves.

Nevertheless, not only our pets love good music, but other animals too. In this particular situation, it is a horse who stepped forward to charm the audience with his dancing routine. And not any horse, but a police horse. Needless to mention it happened in the line of duty. Hopely, his bosses will first have a look on his performance, before reprimand him!

Antoinenaccache/ YouTube

While on patrol on the streets of New Orleans, this police horse and his NOPD officer, came across a Jazz band performing. The song proved so catchy, the horse immediately started to show his dance moves, right there in the middle of the street. Unsurprisingly, the moment left everyone open mouthed. After all, how often you get the chance to see a horse dancing on the streets?!

Antoinenaccache/ YouTube

The music and the atmosphere were so catchy, the horse left behind any of his duties. All that mattered was to show the world what a skilful dancer he is. Of course, the officer proved to be a loyal comrade and encouraged his four-legged colleague. Fortunately the beautiful moment was caught on camera and shortly became some pure internet gold!

Antoinenaccache/ YouTube

“Only in New Orleans,” was one person’s reaction after watching the adorable scene. “What a fantastic scene! The music, the dancing… I love the way the officer never loses composure during the whole thing, he really just lets his horse be the real performer,” another one wrote. While one user described New Orleans and its vibe as “the most unique city…fabulous music and the friendliest people.”

Watch the beautiful moment, bellow:

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