Mama giraffe waits for her exhausted newborn baby to show any signs of life

A few lucky people visiting the Memphis Zoo located in Tennessee got to experience a one-of-a-kind moment that they will probably never forget. They got to see a female giraffe giving birth to her very first baby, and the entire heartwarming moment was caught on camera!

Memphis Zoo

The giraffe was only due a few days later, so no one from the zoo staff actually expected the moment to come as early as it just did. But fortunately someone who was lucky enough to witness the event when it happened managed to record it as it all unfolded. In the short footage, you can see the mom searching for a perfect place to deliver her offspring. And once the baby makes his entrance into the world, mom’s powerful instincts instantly start to kick in and she assumes her role as a care provider with the kind of love and compassion only a mom can offer.

Memphis Zoo

Thankfully, the baby was perfectly healthy so the zoo keepers didn’t have to intervene, allowing the new mom and her baby to spend time bounding and enjoying each other’s precious company. It is always so heartwarming to witness a mother bonding with her baby this that unique way! You can watch the magical moment below!

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