Fluffy Maine Coon cat courageously swims toward owner

Everyone knows that most cats don’t love water. They just don’t enjoy being in it, and they’ll typically do their best to avoid it.

But there’s always an exception to a rule. And one kitty who very much enjoys swimming is that exception.

It would seem that one particular Maine Coon cat is a tad braver than others!

The breed, known for its large size, is typical of Maine on the East Coast of the USA. They were popular “mousers”, on farms, ships and of course, in homes.

They’re a rather useful breed, and according to Cattime.com, great with people:

“These kitties have more going for them than size. They’re affectionate without being needy, they’re adaptable, and they’ve kept their hunting instincts, just in case you need a good mouser.”

This particular Maine Coon takes a brave yet cautious first foray into the water to greet her owner.

After a few cautious paws in the water, she starts to cast her eyes further afield.

What could she be looking at? Across the water, but not so far away is this curious kitty’s owner, waiting patiently in the water, she quietly coos to this giant cat, boding it to her further in.

But will this cat be brave enough?

Apparently, she’s very brave indeed!

Brave enough it would seem, to go past the paw, and go rather deep. Perhaps that’s why they needed to put a collar on her if she was going to be that adventurous.

At least this cat gets to go on fun adventures into the great outdoors.

And yes, she makes it!

Well, her bravery gets her more than one foot in the water, but eventually all of them. And not only that, but she manages to tip-toe all the way to her mom. With a cautious probing hand, she even reaches out to her.

Clearly, this cat loves and trusts her mom to follow her into a lake!

And her mom is so delighted to have her there with her. It’s clear that these two have a real bond between them.

So much so that her kitty will brave the unknown water of a lake to get to her.

And as if looking from approval, she looks up to her other owner. What a jolly family they all make in the great outdoors!

And how lucky for this couple to have such an adventurous cat, so keen to join them on one adventure after another.

As well as content to sit and watch the…geese.

I guess it’s not just humans who enjoy sitting back and enjoying views of the great outdoors. You’d think that such a large cat with a propensity for hunting would be more tempted to chase such a large group of birds.

Maybe not because it’s also a group of large birds.

It’s adorable to watch this kitty swimming and having a great time. What a sweetheart.
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