Heartbroken elephant herd gather to pay final respect to their late leader

Unlike other wild animals, elephants are known for the incredible social relationship they share. Extremely protective with the calves among the herd (as they should be), elephants put family and their matriarch above everything. So whenever an elephant leader passes away, the heard grieve for it in a way that’s hard to understand – even for human beings.


After a fierce dispute with a rival from another herd, an elephant sadly passed away. The unfortunate event unfolded in Anuradhapura, not far from the Kalawewa reserve in Sri Lanka. But what surprised everyone was the large number of elephants that went to pay their respects to the one that once was their leader.


Touching video footage shows at least a dozen of elephant surrounding and grieving their leader, on the banks of a lake in Sri Lanka. But reports suggest that nearly 300 elephants came to show their final appreciation to the once-fearless herd leader. The grieve last for several days.

You can watch the emotional video below!

There are only a very few animal species capable to show their feelings. The short list only includes elephants, dolphins and chimpanzees. These animals show incredible compassion whenever one of their kind is sick or needs help!

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