Corgi lets out tiniest and cutest howl between each bite of food

Willo is an adorable Corgi who loves two things more than anything else: her mom, Devon, and food.

Devon got Willo when she was a little puppy. Devon immediately noticed how much Willo enjoyed eating. It was clearly her favorite time of day.

Willo’s mom decided to start an Instagram page to document her puppy growing up.

She started sharing tons of photos and videos of Willo, including a cute photo of Willo in a hot dog costume for Halloween!

One day, Willo’s mom shared a video of Willo eating breakfast. The little puppy let out an adorable howl after each bite, which made her mom crack up.

Willo’s mom shared a video of Willo howling while she was eating to Instagram. It quickly received thousands of views—everyone loved Willo’s unique ‘aroo’ sound!

Once Willo’s mom saw how much everyone loved watching Willow howl while she ate, she began sharing more videos of the pup eating. She started sharing the videos on Friday, and she dubbed the day Food Aroo Friday.

We think that ‘Food Aroo Friday’ should be the next national holiday!

When Willo isn’t eating and howling, she enjoys going on adventures with her mom. One December day, Willo experienced snow for the first time. Her mom talked about how Willo felt about the snow on Instagram:

“Ventured into the great outdoors yesterday for the first time! Can’t wait for my next adventure.”

Willo is also a big fan of getting her ears rubbed—it makes her feel so relaxed, she can’t help but yawn and close her eyes!

Plus, like every dog, Willow is a big fan of rolling in the grass. She especially enjoys rolling in freshly mowed grass! Still, Willo’s favorite thing to do is definitely eating. And her adorable little ‘aroos’ prove how much she enjoys her food!

Willo’s mom summed the Corgi up perfectly with this quote:

“I might look like I’m having deep thoughts but 99.9% of the time I’m just thinking about when I’m going to get to eat again.”

It’s now been a few years since Devon got Willo, and Devon says that Willo doesn’t howl as much now that she’s an adult. It’s more of a special occasion now when she does it.

In a video with The Dodo, Willo’s mom, Devon, discussed some of her theories for why Willo ‘aroos’ so much.

“I feel like she does it because she loves food and she’s super happy to be eating,” Devon said. She then added, “Now that she’s an adult dog, she will eat and then come find me and howl at me. So I think that’s her form of giving me appreciation.”

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