Security camera catches raccoon gleefully trying to ‘catch’ falling snow

This video of a raccoon attempting to collect snowflakes falling from the sky should make you smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside. It was recorded by a home security camera in Washington State.

Timothy Ellis was working on his computer the other night at his Washington home when he spotted something on one of his outside security cameras.

He didn’t expect what he saw.

An unmasked creature was indeed seen moving across Ellis’ yard when the camera picked it up, but it wasn’t very threatening. In fact, it was actually pretty cute.

On the evening of December 19, 2022, it captured the amusing raccoon having fun in Ellis snow-covered yard.

The raccoon was clearly having fun!

Raccoons are often spotted on security cameras prowling around people’s backyards, but this one is having a different experience.

The trash panda continually stands on its hind legs and reaches up to the sky to collect snowflakes, but each one flies past him and disappears into the deep snow below, as shown in the 27-second footage.

“[He] started pawing at the sky,” Ellis fondly shared. “When I realized he was actually chasing snowflakes, my main thought was that I definitely needed to save this video, because I knew other people would enjoy seeing it. It’s definitely not something you see every day.”

Ellis was definitely right.

Today, the video has been viewed over 550,000, and comments from amused netizens poured in. The clip is definitely a day-maker!

“Love how animals can appreciate the little things in life,” one commenter wrote. “Their tiny moments of joy. We humans should learn to do the same. Perhaps we would be happier as a species if we did?”

Raccoons are incredible.

What a sweet, adorable raccoon. Seeing snow is probably one of the most exciting moments in its little life.

We’re pretty sure this little guy will never forget his first time seeing snow.

Raccoons are some of the most incredible creatures on earth. They have the ability to climb trees and live in them, they will eat almost anything that crosses their path, and they can be quite nosy when it comes to human activity.

They are often found in people’s backyards for a reason.

Raccoons are nocturnal animals. They are omnivores and can eat nearly any kind of food, from meat to plants.

They are also known for their intelligence: they can be taught to perform simple tasks in order to obtain food rewards. To be honest, they’re incredibly easy to adore!

Because raccoons are generally afraid of humans, it’s rare that you’ll see one outside its natural habitat during the day, which makes the clip even more entertaining!

This raccoon will never forget its first time seeing snow, it seems. It’s so adorable that we almost want to go back in time and grab one for ourselves. If you see any other animals having fun this winter season, be sure to share them with us!

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