Black bear joins family picnic for a tasty PB&J sandwich

Whenever you plan a picnic at the park, what’s on your list of things to bring?

Who do you invite to your picnic?

We always bring different types of food and drinks so that everyone we invited can have something to consume.

This family had a different picnic experience out in the open in Deep Creek, Maryland.

An unforeseen visitor

Because they had peanut butter present on their picnic table, they were joined unexpectedly by a black bear.

The black bear was probably hiding out in the trees when he smelled the peanut butter and had to come closer to get some.

Apparently, the locals were familiar with this black bear, who has been spotted roaming regularly around the same area.

But they rarely approach the visitors, until this instance.

A bear’s paradise

Knowing the bear wanted some peanut butter, they smeared it all over a piece of bread that they could give to the bear.

The black bear quickly ate it all up and they hurried to make him another peanut butter sandwich.

A lucky day for more than the bear

And while this is a funny video, the five people in the video are very lucky they weren’t attacked by the bear.

Because black bears have learned to live in forested areas around cities and towns, they are not quick to attack people since they’re used to them already.

But they know how to hide while they rummage through garbage cans for food.

They even manage to break into homes and raid their fridge before they’re seen by the homeowners.

But the Maryland Department of Natural Resources was not amused when they saw this video.

Feeding bears is actually illegal.

And there’s a good reason for it.

First, we don’t know how the bear will act while in the presence of humans. They could be nice or they could attack you. So best to stay away or scare it off.

Second, bears could get used to people feeding them.

This could be one time but what if it comes back again next time, expecting the people around to feed them?

What happens if they have no food?

“Having a bear in camp can lead to problems that will persist long after you have gone home. If a problem becomes serious, your safety and the bear’s safety may become jeopardized,” the Maryland Department of Natural Resources warned.

They shared a few tips:

Use canned and dried food to minimize odors and don’t bring peanut butter. Move to another spot if you see any fresh signs of bear sightings.

And if you spot a bear, scare it away!

Bang pots, and pans, or just yell or scream until it runs off. If it still doesn’t leave, then make the decision to leave the spot.

Next time you spot a black bear on your camping trip or picnic, leave. It’s not worth your life.

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