Woman melts hearts rescuing fluffy dog cowering in corner of room

Ducky is a dog who had a rough start in life. Poor Ducky spent at least six years living in a room filled with animal waste.

But finally, someone came to save her: a woman named Elli, was was the founder of Sky Sanctuary Rescue.

Ducky lived in that room with over 20 other animals.

She was never touched or loved on and never got to run and play as a dog should.

“When I arrived and walked in the bedroom, I saw her in the corner and her little eyes just looking up at me for help,” Elli told The Dodo. “She stared into my soul and was like ‘Please get me out of this place!’”

And that’s exactly what Elli did. The first thing Elli did after Ducky’s rescue was take her to get cleaned up.

She had to be shaved down to eliminate the heavy mats of fur that formed on her body.

“As soon as we got those mats off she really just kind of came to life,” Elli said.

You could tell that Ducky’s spirits had been lifted as well.

Since Ducky had previously lived in a house with so many pets, she was thrilled to arrive at Elli’s home, which was also the abode of four other large female dogs.

Elli was a little nervous about how Ducky would react to the new setting, but it ended up being “kind of magic.”

“She walked in and instantly you could kind of see a sign of relief in her because she loves other animals so much,” Elli explains. “So there was an instant connection. Not really with me, but with my animals.”

After being with Ducky for a little while, Elli found that the dog was very fearful and nervous.

But with some love, tenderness, and training, Ducky became more confident and learned to trust more.

“Ducky’s personality has changed immensely since we first got her I would say after three weeks of being in our care she found her voice,” Elli said. “She started to vocalize the things that she wanted and just playing and she became really goofy and She’s really just become such a happy girl with the other animals.”

And Elli couldn’t be prouder.

“She is making leaps of progress,” Eli said on Sky Sanctuary Rescue’s Facebook page. “Yesterday I was so proud that it brought me to tears.”

Once Ducky is all trained up, she’ll be put up for adoption to find a forever home.

“I think the best type of family for Ducky would be someone that’s committed to her needs,” Elli said.

A home with other animals would be best for Ducky and someone who is patient and will give Ducky the care she needs to overcome the trauma of neglect that she experienced.

“It’s amazing how much good time, patience, and loads of love can do! This dog deserves the best life can offer her!” wrote a Facebook fan.

It seems like Ducky is on her way to living the true doggy dream life. And she truly deserves every bit of happiness.

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