French Bulldog Jumps For Joy After Meeting Police Horse

By nature, dogs are quite inquisitive and socially outgoing animals. They give us unconditional love and make wonderful companions.

You can never be truly alone if you have a dog around. And lucky for us, that happiness and compassion they have, radiates to all when we take them out and about.

That very same happy energy they emit, attracts people, as well as other animals, into befriending our dogs. And that’s exactly what happened to one little French Bulldog, who made an unexpected friend while out on the streets of New York.

It’s always interesting to see what transpires when animals who are totally unrelated, are different species and have nothing in common, finally go nose to nose and meet.

It’s been a couple of years since this video was first posted, but it’s recently been making its way around again. When the adorable pooch first meets the horse, he’s not sure what to make of it, but after giving a quick sniff, he quickly learns that he has absolutely nothing to fear.

French Bulldog Can't Contain her Excitement about Meeting a Horse in Hilarious Video | The Dog People by

In fact, he does his very best to start playing with the horse, who remains very gentle. The little pooch ends up befriending the horse! Typically, working horses aren’t interested in socializing. They are often kept at a distance from the public. But this little pooch wasn’t about to just walk past without saying Hey!

And as it turned out, as the little dog pulled his leash closer to the giant animal, the feeling was mutual. Bystanders pulled out their cameras as the two animals shared a precious little nose boop as they greeted one another.

It was very clear to see that the two were happy to make each other’s acquaintance, and it was simply adorable. Watch their precious interaction in the video below:

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