Sleepy dog melts over 1M hearts letting herd of baby goats use him for jumping practice

All this dog wanted was sleep.

He wanted to lay on the soft ground and sleep.

Great Pyrenees dogs are hard workers. They guard at night. They haul equipment.

They do a lot so it’s just natural that they’d want to rest when they have the chance.

Great Pyrenees dogs are also nocturnal, so they’re naturally asleep during the day and active at night.

This Great Pyrenees just wanted to enjoy the sunshine, and nature and go to sleep.

His “housemates” didn’t get the memo.

This Great Pyrenees lives on a farm with lots of baby goats.

And what do baby goats do? They have lots of energy to burn and they keep running and jumping and playing.

Well, they didn’t want to just play with each other, they also wanted to play with their guard dog.

But he’s sleeping. What next, then?

Well, for the baby goats, it doesn’t matter if their guard dog is sleeping or not.

They’re playing with him, whether he likes it or not.

One by one, they jumped over his legs, around him, and over his body.

Or at least they attempted to jump over his body but they just jumped on and off his body.

They ran around him, smelled him, and even checked if he was still breathing.

It wasn’t just a couple goats.

They were at least five baby goats trying to play with him while he was trying to sleep.

Even if he was tired, the dog wasn’t bothered by the baby goats. He loved the attention and he loved making the goats happy.

The Great Pyrenees were initially bred to be guard dogs for farmers. And they were the ones who guarded their animals, including cows and sheep.

It didn’t matter to him what they were doing, it was part of his job as their protector.

At one point, two baby goats looked like they were talking about what to do next with the dog.

The bleating might have been a little too loud because the dog raised his head and turned to face them.

Their reaction was adorable.

They were surprised and ran off.

But they were back soon to play with the dog after a while, who went back to sleep.

The dog is like a protective parent. He needs the sleep but he knows how much the goats want to play so he just lets them.

This guy explained it well.

“The dog wants to be there! He knows it’s the baby goats play section. He could move to a quieter place on the field, but wants to be there for the little ones,” textmessage josh said.

Yes, it’s probably a daily occurrence.

Dog does his job of guarding the farmers, goats, other animals, and the farm at night while they sleep.

Dog sleeps during the day while they’re all awake and raring to play.

It’s become their routine and their routine won’t be changing anytime soon.

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