Owner hangs all the items her cat has stolen on roadside display for neighbors to retrieve

Cats are one of the best home pets in the entire world. They are charismatic four-legged home wanderers and they are as sweet as candy around their owners.

Cats also have a very sardonic sense of humor.

But just like any other pets, cats can also be such a handful. They misbehave in more ways than one which oftentimes puts, not them, but their poor owners into a bunch of trouble.

They can be considered “stealth thieves”.

Whether you admit it or not, cats are known to take things that they don’t own. This is exactly what happened to a cat owner who posted a now-viral photo on Reddit.

Is she worth forgiving for what she’s done? Let’s all find what this funny story is all about.

Esme the mischievous cat and her side of the funny story.

The spring season is the best time of the year to plant different sorts of plants in your yard. It’s the busiest season for all plant growers and plant lovers.

With all the garden jobs being done here and there, gardening materials were left everywhere.

This, unfortunately, was taken the wrong way by Esme.

She thought they were “gifts” given by her friendly neighbors. The misunderstanding left her with no other choice but to, of course, bring them home.

Come the 10th gift, Esme’s owner decided to expose her “dirty laundry”.

Set in a street yard, they put up a clothesline with a couple of gardening gloves dangling from it. However, some of the gloves didn’t have their pairs, it simply meant they’re not usual some newly-washed gloves.

After reading the humongous sign on the side, everything instantly made complete sense.

“My cat is a thief. Please take these items if they are yours.”

Esme’s owner relentlessly put her on the hot seat by broadcasting her wrongdoing. They wanted no involvement from the committed “crime” so they’re giving everything back to the rightful owners.

Worth forgiving or not?

Cats are not actual “thieves”, although, it’s indeed a fact that they really like taking things that are not theirs. Taking things is their way of stealing not valuables but their owner’s attention.

According to Be Chewy, “Cats are natural kleptomaniacs — they love to prey on harmless household items and pile them up under beds, sofas, refrigerators, and anywhere your hands can’t easily reach. They’re clever creatures that use stealing as a tactic for attention, play, and food, or sometimes they’re simply following their animal instincts.”

There you go, so let’s not be quick in judging Esme. She might just be so bored and wanted to play scavenger hunt with their neighbors.

The hilarious photo went viral and people started talking about it.

You know the people online are so creative and playful with their thoughts. As expected, a lot of people came up with their assumptions, questions, and some even shared their experiences that were the same as what Esme did.

Reddit user MizchiefKilz commented:

“We had a dog like that. We lived in the country so everyone’s dog’s roamed free. We taught him to fetch the paper, then he started fetching everyone’s paper’s and bringing them to our house. Then he would steal shoes, baseball gloves, pumpkins, anything he could fit in his mouth and bring them to the front door. I suppose he just thought he was supposed to go get things and didn’t know what was special about our specific paper.”

“One day our neighbor saw him running across the yard with 3 construction workers chasing him. He had a McDonalds bag in his mouth.”

We hope Esme has finally learned her lesson and hopefully, she will no longer run away with somebody else’s glove in her mouth again. Although we all know that’s almost close to impossible.

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