15-year-old senior dog left behind by her family just to bring home a younger dog

As an animal lover is impossible to understand how anyone could leave their beloved pet behind, regardless the circumstances. Though stories like this are breaking my heart, the truth is there are dozens of heartless people capable of that sort of things.

It is also the case of Cookie, a senior stray dog found by the volunteers of a shelter in San Bernardino. After they took her into the shelter, the staff done some research trying to reach out her family. And so they did. However, when they came to claim Cookie, they just did something unimaginable.

For no reason at all, they decided to take a younger puppy and leave 15 years of loyalty behind. They just left Cookie there, crying in agony as she couldn’t understand what was happening. A truly heartbreaking scene.

Fortunately, the word spread up and a rescue group started to look for a permanent home for poor Cookie. However, because of her medical condition, the adoption was not an option for her. Therefore she was taken in a foster home where she is about to happily live for the rest of her life. We all hope she will have a lot of beautiful moments with her new family.

Although this is a happy ending story, there are lots of animals who are not so lucky!

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