Adorable Twin Polar Bear Cubs Warmly Embraced by Caring Mom at Zoo Entrance

It’s sad and frustrating to see several creatures going extinct.

More of it is because we know that we humans are the reason for that.

We can always point the finger at poachers, but even our neglect of nature can result in animal extinction.

It feels like we were given that one job to care for the environment only to see us fail.

But no point crying over spilled milk now; we must act fast to protect them.

Different organizations, coalitions, and establishments have doubled their efforts in saving endangered species.

They also encourage humans to act responsibly to help their cause.

The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium in Ohio is one of the many establishments that house endangered species in the hopes that they can pro-create and increase their numbers.

The zoo was happy to announce the birth of an endangered species in their care.

The white polar bear’s status under the United States Endangered Species Act is vulnerable or threatened.

Their current population is estimated to be around 22,000 – 31,000. The Toledo Zoo kept two adult polar bears so they could mate.

Crystal, a 24-year-old polar bear, recently gave birth to her 8th and 9th cub.

The zoo consulted the Polar Bear Species Survival Program, and the agency issued a breeding recommendation hoping that mating Crystal with a male polar bear would increase their population.

That’s when they welcomed Nuka, an 18-year-old male, into their zoo last March.

Crystal and Nuka mated and produced twin cubs!

Toledo Zoo announced this fantastic news on its Facebook page.

This is the first time in a decade that they had twin cubs.

When increasing the population is the goal, there’s no better news than to see two babies born at once.

The zoo officials said they could not identify the gender of the cubs yet.

“Mom (Crystal) is doing everything she can do. Cubs are happy and healthy, warm in their den with mom. (A) really exciting news for Toledo and the TZA Community,” Toledo Zoo’s Curator of Mammals Michael Frushour said in the video.

People around the world filled the comments section with their happiness!


Those old enough recalled all the great news the zoo announced about Crystal’s babies.

They congratulated and thanked the mama bear for bringing these cubs to life – something that could help increase their population.

Others praised her motherhood or parenting skills.

The video showed how she was gently cuddling with them, tucking the cubs between her arms so they would keep warm.

After all those babies she gave birth to, Crystal still cared for her latest ones like it was the first time. Such a fantastic mother!

Toledo Zoo & Aquarium said that they would introduce the cubs in public in Spring of next year.

By then, they’d be able to tell their gender and even reveal their names. For now, the two would need to rest and keep warm inside their den over the winter, and they also need to grow bigger and stronger, ready for the world.

Watch the zoo’s announcement below, and subscribe to their YouTube channel for some bear-y adorable livestream in their den.

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