Horse melts thousands of hearts adorably playing with rubber chicken

There are some classic comedy props that have been used pretty much since comedy was invented.

From a pocket flower that squirts water to a slippery banana to a whoopee cushion, there are some items that are synonymous with comedians and clowns.

And even though these items are so familiar, when used the right way, they can still be hilarious.

There’s one toy that is the king of comedy props: a rubber chicken!

Unmatched for its comedic versatility and downright silliness, this is the funny toy to end all funny toys.

The rubber chicken’s greatest asset as a funny toy has to be how funny it is to let animals play with. That’s the true gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t believe me? Just find a dog, any dog, and give them this toy that makes its own noise when squeezed, and just enjoy the hours of entertainment it will give not just your furry friend, but you in turn.

But what if there was an even funnier animal to enjoy such a toy?

There is. And it’s none other than Kruzah the horse.

He is a colt with a cult following. A young horse who can’t get enough fun out of his favorite toy.

A toy which is…you guessed it, a good old-fashioned rubber chicken.

Initially, he spends a few goes trying to get a good hold of the chicken. This is already funny watching the chicken wheeze as Kruzah nashes, trying to get a decent hold of the rubber chook.

Eventually, Kruzah does get a decent hold and the fun is only starting!

With a few tentative squeezes, Kruzah gets a feel for the toy and already begins to perk up at the fun he’s about to have.

But the real fun is yet to begin…

When Kruzah begins really shaking the toy fast, it is hilarious. Nodding his head quickly the chicken squeaks rapidly in a way you’ve never heard before.

This is the sort of behavior you’d expect to see from a playful pup, but a horse? This is something I never would have expected to see.

Kruzah is clearly having so much fun, and it is infectious!

Eventually, he gets a sort of head-banging rhythm going and you’d have to be one cold-hearted person not to find this hilarious. It’s just so fun watching animals have as much fun as people do.

This horse is having the time of his life. Kruzah is one of a number of rescued horses who have avoided being put down, which makes this video even more heart-warming.

It’s so adorable to watch Kruzah enjoying himself, and many commenters agreed! One wrote:

“OmG this had me laughing for days.”

Another added:

“Friend: what are u thinking about?

Me: its complicated…”

This horse is so cute, and it’s great to watch him enjoying himself. What a sweetheart.

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