Pitbull spends life on a chain until strangers arrive 1 day to rescue him

Deciding to adopt a pet means ensuring they’re loved and cared for their whole lives. It’s understanding the commitment it takes to train, exercise, and keep them healthy through vitamins and vaccinations. It takes a big heart to take on such a responsibility fully; no matter the situation, your pet’s welfare matters just as much as yours.

That’s why it’s always so heartbreaking and infuriating to see dogs chained and barking helplessly in floods, hurricanes, and war.

We live in such dark times that it’s becoming more frequent to hear citizens suddenly being asked to evacuate and flee their homes for safety. But when you’re in a state of panic and fear and try to figure out how to keep your family safe, why must you forget that your pets are family, too?

When tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalated, many were displaced during the conflict. It wasn’t easy to see families being separated, and everyone suddenly ushered into the unknown while bombs exploded.

A huge part of this heart-shattering situation was realizing how easily people can abandon their pets.

A few months ago, when things between Russia and Ukraine turned for the worst, the team behind Stray Furry Friends received a phone call about a pitbull tied to a heavy chain in an empty lot.

When his owners evacuated the village, they left the poor dog behind.

This meant the helpless canine was alone with no food and water, bound by a heavy chain that injured his neck. According to the video, the dog had spent his life on a chain.

When the team showed up, the dog was so happy at seeing humans again that it started wagging its tail as they approached.

Immediately, they knelt in front of the dog to check if it was hurt. Then, they transferred some dog food into a bowl. The dog ate hungrily, leaving the team wondering when it last had a meal. They were so moved that they didn’t think twice about taking the dog, with a promise that they would change its life.

They bathed, fed, and took him to a vet for a complete checkup, where they discovered that the poor animal was underweight.

Painful as it was to watch the video, it still sent a message of hope: that there are kind-hearted people who genuinely care for animals and won’t think twice when saving their lives.

While some viewers expressed their disdain for the owners and other people who leave their pets behind, others were so touched by the rescue and left words of praise for the team.

“So glad we have caring people like you that are rescuing the abandoned animals in war-torn areas.”

“Thank you for the kindness and humanity you showed him guys! I hope he found a loving home and lives his best life.”

“God bless everyone who was involved with rescuing Toby. You gave him a second chance and him learning what love is. I pray he finds his forever loving home!!! ️”

At the end of the video, the pitbull they named “Toby” is like a completely different dog!

They share that he gained weight, the wounds on his neck healed, and he learned to walk on a leash. Most of all, he looks like one happy boy! The group planned on finding Toby the “most caring family.”

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