A Cream-Colored Bear Cub Spotted Playing With Its Black Bear Mother (Video Inside)

Beautiful little family! Nice to see they are being appreciated with a camera. Time to end the trophy hunting of these amazing animals in BC. Shooting bears for sport why? Black bear populations are controlled by their food supply and a females overall health. Black bears have delayed implantation, which simply means the fertilized egg remains free floating in the uterus until the female’s body gives it the signal to attach to the uterine wall and start to grow. However if the female is underweight her body reabsorbs the egg and she does not have offspring. Nature built in a natural population control into black bears it works great.

The black bear population out there is quite high, I even think there’s legal a bear hunting season out there for a few weeks but that’s it. Black bears aren’t going anywhere there’s good amount out there. as for grizzly bears, that needs to stop now. we need to protect them! the only hint I agree with is the seal hunt, they’re are way too many of them. seal meat is practically free in Greenland the poaching of whales as caused for the seal population to grow way too fast, hence causing for less fish to catch due to all of the seals.

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