Sweet, tiny baby monkey adorably cares for baby ducks, melting 79 millions hearts

Baby animals of all species are adorable. It’s just a fact of life. There’s only thing cuter than one type of baby animal: two types of baby animals hanging out together!

And this video of a baby monkey and a brood of baby ducklings is truly one of the most adorable around.

This video brings “cute” to an entirely new level. There are few things more adorable than baby monkeys and fuzzy ducklings, so when the two are combined, it’s truly cuteness overload.

Set against calming music, we get over eight minutes of pure adorableness that is sure to soften up even the toughest of personalities. It’s just too difficult to stay angry when you’re witnessing baby animals in action.

The video begins as the tiny monkey stares lovingly down at the group of ducklings.

The ducklings are helping to groom the monkey’s fur, meanwhile, the baby monkey continues to lovingly stroke and pet the tiny ducks. This group looks oh so content while surrounded by each others’ company.

We see the monkey give one duckling a big hug while the rest huddle together. Okay, at this point my heart has completely melted into one large puddle. This is the cutest footage ever.

Hugs are truly a cure-all for any bad day, but baby animal hugs take it up to an entirely new level.

The monkey goes off to find a tasty snack but the brood isn’t letting him go too far away. The ducklings seem to think that the monkey is their new mommy. Wherever the monkey goes, the group follows closely behind.

This is one adorable family. They just can’t get enough of each other.

It’s officially snack time. The ducklings are eating some yummy rice while the monkey is getting in some of its daily nutrients from a prepared bottle.

Although the animals have varied diets, they still want to enjoy their meals together. This group is chowing down. They’ve built up quite the appetites after a day full of playing.

The monkey climbs up the tree for a bit of swinging practice, but where are the ducks?

We know the ducks can’t climb up trees, but we hope they aren’t too far away from their primate bestie.

The monkey climbs back down the tree only to realize that his fuzzy friends are at the bottom waiting for him.

The group continues to explore their forest home a bit more.

They’re still getting used to the variety of plants, bugs, and dirt. At least, they have their best pals by their side while they continue to maneuver through their baby lives.

That is one hungry monkey, though. He can’t help but munch on all of the plants and flowers.

A few of the ducklings appear to be dozing off, but their primate pal is there to ensure no harm comes to them during their snooze.

Those ducks are having a five-star slumber. They don’t have to worry about any predators as long as their monkey mommy is there to save the day.

Everything about this video is so sweet, from the way the monkey feeds the ducklings to fact that the ducklings trust him completely. It’s 100 percent adorable.

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