Woman finds three generations of a dog family ‘thrown away’ and vows to give them new life

Recently, a woman in Houston, Texas, was returning from work when she discovered something terrible.

Two stray canines appeared to be settling in between trash cans and old mattresses.

The woman just had to do something.

The Good Samaritan called a neighboring rescue group right away for help, but when they arrived, they found more dogs than they had anticipated.

Houston Dog Outreach Guardians’ Sylvia Lopez stated, “We went the next day to assess and set traps as they did not trust us. We quickly managed to trap the momma dog, and we also trapped a young female dog that we believe was her daughter from her previous litter.”

But surprisingly, there were more!

But Lopez soon realized that, upon closer inspection, mom and baby were not the only animals in need. The mother, father, three daughters, and grandma were all waiting for help too.

Thankfully, the team was able to chase after the grandma dog. Although she ran fast initially, she eventually gave up and stopped. The exhaustion was evident.

They spent the whole day capturing them.

Before setting traps for the night, the rescue crew spent the whole day attempting to catch half of the dog family. By the morning of Monday, everything was going smoothly.

“I went to check the traps at 5 a.m.,” Lopez shared. “And thankfully, daddy and puppy were trapped safely.”

But other members of the family were nowhere to be found still.

When retrieving the rest of the family, Lopez left one trap unattended since the youngest daughter’s dog still needed to be recovered.

“I left the area to reunite the puppy with her momma and daddy with the rest of the family,” Lopez recalled. “Later that same day, we went back to check the trap and finally trapped the last dog, the young daughter. We reunited the whole family at our holding facility.”

Everything went well.

Although it took a while to capture all of them, the dogs’ wonderful traits easily came out the moment they got to eat great food and live inside a shelter.

They all seemed to be really sweet despite the horrific ordeal they had to go through. No pet should ever be abandoned that way.

But luckily, they found their way into the arms of people who would give them the best care.

When his dog family is there, Daddy Dog, now known as Thomas, still behaves more fearlessly and bravely. He’s also two in age while grandma, who’s 10 years old now, loves everyone and likes to go for long walks.

With the exception of the two youngest kids, Shannon and Christel, who will temporarily reside at a rescue with grandma, the rest of the family has moved into foster homes.

Despite everything they had to go through, this loving family managed to survive and we can’t wait to know more about how their lovely lives will unfold.

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