Heartbreaking Video: Depressed Pit Bull ‘Crying’ at Shelter After Being Exploited for Breeding and Abandoned

In 2017, Sarah Slime, a visitor of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control shelter filmed a Pitbull mix named Cinnamon crying at the shelter and uploaded the video to her Facebook.

Sarah Sleime may be a frequent visitor to her local animal shelter, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control. Shelters in North Carolina are usually close to capacity, and there are many furry residents who come to shelters after going through a difficult life. Sarah has always been fascinated by animals. She feels that one among her life’s callings is to try to to all she will to assist these shelter pups know that they’re loved while they wait to be adopted.

Every once and a short time, a specific pooch stands bent Sarah for one reason another, something in the dog’s disposition melts her heart on sight. One of the dogs was a mixed bulldog named Cinnamon, and she went crazy when she saw it. Cinnamon’s, darling face and sad story shook Sarah to the core. “Every time I ended to speak to her and say I used to be sorry her eyes would fill with tears,” she wrote in the caption of her facebook video.

Before being rescued from the shelter, cinnamon is likely to be used for reproduction. Cinnamon was 7 years old and she or he was abandoned at the shelter after clear parturition to several litters of pups. However, none of her puppies were dropped off together with her . Sarah knew directly that she had to try to to everything in her power to form sure that this special dog found its forever home.

Sarah noticed that not only did Cinnamon’s eyes show her longing to be a part of a person’s family, but the dog actually appeared to shred when Sarah would stop and ask her. Sarah took advantage of social media features to shoot Cinnamon’s video and posted it on Facebook.

The video spread quickly. One among Sarah’s friends decided to adopt the dog a couple of days later, Sarah shared an adorable video of the day Cinnamon met her new family. This cute dog behaved as if she had known her new human family all her life. Cinnamon changed from a poor dog to a happy member of her new family, always smiling and wagging its tail.

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