Unearth the Rarity: 1970 Dodge Challenger Western Sport Special Awaits Restoration!

Prepare to be captivated by a piece of automotive history as we unveil the hidden gem that is the 1970 Dodge Challenger Western Sport Special. During the golden age of muscle cars, automakers often offered special editions exclusive to certain regions. In 1970, Dodge introduced the Western Sport Special for its iconic Challenger “pony car.” Today, this rare machine is a true collector’s find, with only approximately 1,600 units produced out of nearly 77,000 Challengers that year. Although in need of extensive cosmetic work and lacking its original powertrain, this intriguing project car is now available on eBay for $13,500 or best offer, located in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

The Western Sport Special package originated in 1969 with the Dodge Dart, but in 1970, it found its way to the newly introduced Challenger. Priced at a discounted $199.50, the package included a range of desirable options. These features comprised Western Sport Special decals on the rear fenders, a vinyl roof, a woodgrain instrument panel applique, a remote control mirror, a rim blow steering wheel, various chrome moldings, and F78x14-inch white wall tires mounted on 14″ Rallye wheels, among other additions. These unique Challengers were exclusively sold in the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions and assembled at a single plant in LA.

The seller’s Challenger, like the majority of Western Sport Specials, was originally equipped with a 318 cubic inch V8 engine. However, both the motor and automatic transmission are no longer present. Some Western Sport Specials were also available with the 225 Slant Six or the powerful 383 big block, and there might have been one with a 340 as well. Notably, there were no T/A or Hemi versions of the Western Sport Special. The current owner and their spouse had purchased this car years ago with the intention of restoring it, and while some progress has been made, new priorities now necessitate passing it on to another enthusiast to complete the journey.

This Challenger project car exhibits signs of rust, although specific areas are difficult to discern from the photos provided, as the immobile vehicle is confined within the seller’s garage. The presence of the vinyl top is uncertain, and it appears that some bodywork has been carried out in that region. Notably, this Challenger features the smaller rear back glass, typically available as an option on both R/T and SE models. This unique attribute, albeit reducing rear visibility, adds an additional layer of rarity to this Dodge. While the seller has undertaken mechanical work such as rebuilding the front end, replacing the power steering box, adding a sway bar, and fitting new brakes and lines, cosmetic restoration remains a task for the next owner. Unfortunately, the fender tag has gone missing over time, which might pose a challenge in verifying the car’s authenticity.

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