Unbelievable Find: One-Owner 1972 Chevrolet Corvette with Just 17k Documented Miles!

Prepare to be astounded by an extraordinary discovery brought to us by one of our dedicated Barn Finds readers. We owe a special thanks to Barn Finder Rocco B. for uncovering this remarkable 1972 Corvette. This classic car effortlessly checks all the boxes that serious collectors dream of. Not only does it remain in its original, untouched condition, but its impeccable paint and trim combination elevate its desirability. However, what truly sets this one-owner gem apart is its jaw-dropping odometer reading—just 17,430 miles, fully documented. The time has come for the owner to part ways with this treasure, and it’s now available on Craigslist in Richboro, Pennsylvania. But be prepared, as this pristine survivor comes with a price tag of $80,000.

When Chevrolet introduced the C3 Corvette, they offered a range of ten enticing paint colors, and the 1972 model was no exception. This particular Corvette, one of only 2,346 produced, flaunts the striking Steel Cities Gray hue. While not the rarest color option (that honor goes to Pewter Silver), the subdued metallic gray has an undeniable allure. The paint exudes a brilliant shine without any signs of fading or imperfections commonly found on older finishes. Remarkably, this car appears to have never undergone any restoration work, further emphasizing the exceptional condition of its original paint. The flawless fiberglass body is beautifully complemented by sparkling chrome accents, making this Corvette an absolute showstopper.

Under the hood lies the legendary 454ci V8 engine—a true gem on the 1972 Corvette options list. While the LT1 small-block engine offered respectable power at 255hp, the LS5 big-block, as featured in this car, was the clear winner in terms of performance and popularity. The LS5 not only added 270hp and an impressive 390 ft/lbs of torque but also provided an exhilarating driving experience. Equipped with its original LS5 and a three-speed automatic transmission, this Corvette delivers thrilling acceleration and is a true joy to drive. The seller emphasizes that this vehicle has had only one owner, with the odometer displaying an astonishingly low 17,430 miles—a figure fully supported by documented records. Rest assured, this Corvette is in pristine mechanical condition, ready to hit the road without a hitch.

Step inside this Corvette, and you’ll find a lavishly appointed interior boasting highly sought-after factory options. The lucky new owner will revel in the luxury of leather interior trim, air conditioning, power windows, a tilt/telescopic steering wheel, and an AM/FM radio. These desirable additions commanded a substantial $970.15 on top of the Corvette Coupe’s original sticker price of $5,533. The interior of this survivor remains untouched, showcasing its originality and impeccable preservation. The leather upholstery exhibits minimal signs of wear, maintaining its timeless allure. Without any apparent needs or modifications, the interior stands as a testament to the car’s exceptional condition, further justifying its extensive collection of show awards.

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