Undercover Beauty Unveiled: 1964 Chrysler Newport in Stealthy Black!

Step into the world of 1960s espionage with this captivating 1964 Chrysler Newport that could easily pass as the preferred ride of the Men In Black. Dressed in mysterious black paint, adorned with dog dish hub caps, and boasting an unassuming presence, this Newport available in Fairlee, Vermont, blends into any surroundings effortlessly. Carefully preserved, this survivor-quality car is now up for grabs on craigslist at an asking price of $9,400 OBO. Our trusted source Mitchell G. has once again uncovered this gem, and it’s an offer that shouldn’t be missed.

During a remarkable 20-year span starting in the early 1960s, the Newport played the role of the reliable family car among Chrysler’s full-size lineup, while the 300 and New Yorker catered to performance and luxury enthusiasts. Despite its squared-off design, it’s hard to believe that the ’64 Newport shares its platform with its tailfin-adorned ’61 predecessor. The Newport was introduced to fill the void left by the discontinuation of DeSoto in 1961, and nearly 56,000 sedans like the one being sold by the current owner rolled off the assembly line that year.

Powering the Newport is a base 265 hp, 361 cubic inch V8 engine with a 2-barrel carburetor, which is believed to be in fine running condition with an indicated mileage of 88,000. The seller has invested in essential maintenance and upgrades, including front disc brakes, a master cylinder, shock absorbers, and various front-end parts. The car also boasts new tires and an automatic transmission, which makes it particularly intriguing as 1964 marked the last year for the iconic push-button setup.

This Chrysler Newport offers not only reliable transportation but also a touch of modern convenience with its Bluetooth-enabled AM/FM stereo featuring voice recognition. The original paint has been well-preserved, with only minor touch-ups noted. Interestingly, the interior of the trunk appears to be finished in copper. One can’t help but wonder if it was repainted or if the car originally sported a striking copper/gold color scheme. The interior itself, though basic in appearance, presents well. It’s worth mentioning that the title is reportedly missing, raising questions about vintage car registrations in Vermont. However, this minor detail should not overshadow the opportunity to own this sleek and enigmatic Chrysler Newport.

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