Incredible Barn Find: Restoring a Classic 1959 Plymouth Savoy!

Prepare to be amazed by this extraordinary barn find—a 1959 Plymouth Savoy in need of restoration! This two-tone beauty is a rare gem that embodies the iconic tailfin era. With over 48,000 copies produced, the Savoy was Plymouth’s entry-level model during a time when tailfins ruled the roads. Located in Peoria, Arizona, this project Mopar is now up for auction on eBay, starting at just $900. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring this classic back to life!

In 1959, Plymouth underwent a series name demotion, with the Savoy becoming the new entry-level model. Despite its less lavish features, such as a manual transmission and minimal interior accessories, Plymouth still maintained its position as the third best-selling marque, commanding 13% of the market. This particular Savoy is a true representation of the era, featuring the distinctive two-tone paint of white over black, which adds to its allure.

Discovered in barn find condition, this Plymouth Savoy is a true project car. The seller has given it a thorough cleaning after rescuing it from its hidden location, but it currently doesn’t run. Rust is visible, especially in the rear quarter panels and trunk, hinting at potential challenges that lie beneath the surface. Restoring this classic beauty will require dedication and investment, including a complete makeover of the gray interior.

While the Savoy may not have been the most desirable model of its time, it presents a unique opportunity for restoration enthusiasts. One could choose to bring this Plymouth back to its former glory or use it as a valuable resource to assist in the restoration of another 1959 Plymouth. The possibilities are endless, and the satisfaction of reviving this piece of automotive history is truly priceless. Don’t let this incredible barn find slip away—start your restoration journey today!

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