Rare Find: Immaculate 1927 Chrysler Model 70 “Finer” Brougham!

Prepare to be captivated by an exceptional automotive relic—a 1927 Chrysler Model 70 Finer Landau Brougham—now available for sale on craigslist at an unbelievable price of $8,500. This stunning vehicle represents one of the earliest Chryslers ever produced, originating just a few years after the brand’s inception. With its elegant design and historical significance, this Model 70 is a true collector’s dream come true. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of automotive history!

Navigating the early years of Chrysler nomenclature can be perplexing, but the Series 60 and 70 marked an evolution in the brand’s offerings, introducing six-cylinder engines and a new level of performance. The Model 70, featured here, boasted remarkable features for its time, including hydraulic brakes—a groundbreaking innovation—and rubber engine mounts that ensured a smoother ride by minimizing vibrations. The body, crafted by Fisher, offered customers a range of configurations, with this particular four-door showcasing the unique charm of suicide doors.

The fortunate caretaker of this vintage beauty has already invested in crucial improvements. The six-cylinder engine has undergone a thorough overhaul, receiving a new timing chain and fresh fluids. Essential components such as fuel lines, the gas tank, and the vacuum tank have been meticulously restored or rebuilt. The artillery wheels have been refinished, adorned with new tires, and the brakes have undergone a complete rebuild, guaranteeing reliable stopping power. Although a few harness wires remain unconnected, they have been thoughtfully labeled for easy installation.

While time has left its mark on the interior, the potential for restoration shines through. The original mohair fabric that once graced the seats can be sourced to restore its former glory. The dash design distinguishes the later Model 70 from its early counterpart, necessitating careful identification for accurate restoration. Notably, this particular Model 70 features a rear interior heater—a rare and sought-after feature from its era. Although some minor cosmetic issues exist, the overall value and appeal of this remarkable Chrysler are undeniable. With impeccable mechanics and a rich history, this vintage gem is a steal at the asking price.


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