Unveiling the Unforgettable 1964 Pink Pearl Corvette: A Love Story on Wheels

Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable love story behind the 1964 Chevrolet Corvette designed exclusively for Florence Knudsen, wife of renowned GM executive “Bunkie” Knudsen. This unique Pink Pearl coupe was a symbol of their deep affection, and Florence proudly cruised the streets in this customized beauty, enveloped in a luxurious Pink leather interior. The car’s striking appearance was accentuated by its custom Pink Pearl paint, reflecting the GM Design Center’s unparalleled creativity.

This 1964 Corvette was more than just a gift; it showcased Florence’s individuality and style. Under the hood, a powerful 396 CI engine roared to life, possibly making it the first big block Corvette ever produced. The Pink Pearl beauty boasted eye-catching finned aluminum knock-off wheels, complemented by “Pinkwall” tires, adding a touch of elegance to its overall allure. This Corvette was a testament to the extraordinary craftsmanship and attention to detail that the GM Design Center was capable of delivering.

In addition to its factory production options, Florence’s Corvette incorporated several preproduction parts and unique features. The car sported a 1965-style hood, preproduction front fender vents, and side rocker panels, offering a glimpse into the Corvette’s evolving design language. Notably, it featured a preproduction L36 396 big-block engine, equipped with hydraulic lifters and 390 horsepower, a remarkable achievement for its time. The inclusion of preproduction 4-wheel disc brakes, a dual master cylinder, and a Powerglide automatic transmission further showcased the Corvette’s cutting-edge innovations.

To make Florence’s Corvette truly one-of-a-kind, numerous customized and fabricated features were added. The exterior was meticulously painted in Pearl Pink, matching the color of the door to the Knudsen’s Florida home, creating a harmonious connection between the car and their personal life. Inside, the Pink and Cranberry leather interior exuded elegance and sophistication, while unique touches like engraved “FMK” seat belt buckles added a personal touch. This 1964 Pink Pearl Corvette stands as a testament to love, design innovation, and the everlasting allure of Chevrolet’s iconic sports

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