Unbelievable Find: Untouched 1950 Buick Super Emerges After 40 Years in Storage!

Prepare to be amazed by this extraordinary discovery – a 1950 Buick Super that has spent the last four decades hidden away in a barn. The Buick Super was a beloved model from 1940 to 1958, characterized by its unique blend of a longer wheelbase borrowed from the top-of-the-line Roadmaster and a smaller, more efficient engine from the Special. Affectionately known as the Super 8, this edition is now on the market in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with as few as 5,300 miles (or potentially 105,300 miles) on the odometer. This incredible survivor is available on craigslist for the unbelievable price of $5,500 or best offer, thanks to a fantastic tip from Shan.

In 1949, when the Supers underwent a redesign, Buick introduced three iconic VentiPorts on the front fenders (the Roadmaster had four). These ports were initially intended to provide engine compartment ventilation but were eventually sealed off. The 1950 model featured Buick’s new Dynaflow automatic transmission, as indicated by the script on the rear fenders. Out of the 190,500 Supers produced that year, more than 55,000 were 4-door sedans, just like this remarkable vehicle.

Considering its four-decade slumber, this automobile is in remarkably good condition. The body displays a charming patina while remaining rust-free. The front floorboards are particularly impressive, potentially indicating replacements. From what we can see, the interior appears clean and well-preserved, requiring only some detailing to be ready for a drive or a showcase. The captivating green and silver paint has retained its allure and may not require restoration (perhaps a clearcoat will do).

Under the hood, the Buick Super boasts a powerful 263 cubic-inch “straight-8” engine with a 2-barrel carburetor, generating a respectable 112 horsepower. Equipped with the Dynaflow transmission, these cars were capable of reaching speeds of up to 90 mph. Known for their size and comfort, these 1950s Buicks always turned heads, and this well-preserved specimen is no exception. Don’t miss your chance to own this stunning piece of automotive history that is sure to captivate wherever you go!

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