Hidden Gem Unearthed: Immaculate 1971 Ford Ranchero with a Twist!

In the realm of “gentlemen’s pickups,” Ford and Chevrolet reigned supreme, vying for dominance in this unique market segment. Ford introduced the innovative Ranchero in 1957, crafted from a 2-door station wagon, while Chevrolet followed suit in 1959 with the iconic El Camino. Although Chevy generally outpaced Ford in sales, this 1971 Ford Ranchero boasts a touch of luxury, thanks to the Special Value Package (SVP) that bundles popular options, including a stylish vinyl roof. With at least fair cosmetic condition and a recently reassembled V8 engine, this exquisite truck hailing from Urbandale, Iowa, is now up for grabs on eBay, where bidding stands at a mere $5,000, with the reserve price enticingly set between $9,250 and the Buy It Now option.

Ford’s production of the Ranchero spanned from 1957 to 1979, undergoing three distinct iterations. Initially, it was a full-size pickup until 1959, after which it was based on the compact Falcon from 1960 to 1965. Finally, Ford transformed it into an intermediate vehicle from 1966 onward. In contrast, Chevrolet temporarily halted El Camino production after just two years, only to reintroduce it in 1964 as a Chevelle-based mid-size truck. In 1971, Ford manufactured nearly 25,000 Rancheros, with over 3,200 of them adorned with the coveted Special Value Package (SVP), as revealed in our previous review by Adam Clarke.

Opting for the SVP granted buyers an enhanced Ranchero that exuded a striking presence. The featured Ranchero proudly showcases the iconic vinyl top, complemented by laser stripes, a matte-black hood, and a set of wheels that once sported trim rings, now parting ways with the current owner. Equipped with nostalgic “Mag” wheels, reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s, this low-mileage vehicle boasts an impressive odometer reading of just 51,000 miles. Having spent most of its life in California, this Ranchero boasts a rust-free condition that adds to its allure.

Upon acquiring the Ranchero, the seller discovered that the previous owner had disassembled the 302 cubic inch V8, likely due to an underlying issue. Some upgrades were installed, but the project came to a standstill until the seller took the reins and expertly pieced everything back together. While the factory air conditioning system has yet to be reinstated, it is included in the deal, ready for installation. Freshly fitted with a brand-new set of tires, this Ranchero’s paint appears good overall, albeit with minor imperfections like the right front fender. Adding an unexpected twist, a topper now adorns the truck’s bed, completing its unique character and functionality. Don’t miss the chance to own this remarkable 1971 Ford Ranchero, a hidden gem awaiting its next proud owner!

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