Unbelievable Find! Rare 1956 Ford Country Sedan Wagon – Kinda Drives!

Prepare to be amazed by this extraordinary discovery: a 1956 Ford Country Sedan wagon that the seller humorously describes as “kinda drives”! Priced at a reasonable $3,500, this project car is currently available on Facebook Marketplace and located in snowy Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. Thanks to the sharp eye of Barn Finds reader Vintage Hoody, we have the opportunity to explore this cool find with great potential.

Based on the distinctive side trim and absence of a visible third seat, it appears that this particular model is a “Six-Passenger Country Sedan.” In 1956, Ford offered six different station wagon models, and the Country Sedan was equipped with a 292-cubic-inch, 200 horsepower “Thunderbird” V-8 as standard (although an optional 312-cubic-inch “Thunderbird Special” V-8 with 225 horsepower was available). Only 23,221 Six-Passenger Country Sedans were sold that year, making it the second-rarest Ford wagon, surpassed only by the two-door Park Lane model.

According to the seller, all the necessary parts to restore the car are included, except for the tailgate glass and tail lights. Remarkably, a new headliner and carpet set are also part of the deal. While some might appreciate the current patina look of the wagon, envisioning it with a fresh and glossy two-tone white and turquoise paint scheme is truly captivating.

It’s worth noting that this wagon exhibits “some” rust, particularly evident in the lower rockers where it shows signs of wear. However, if you plan on repainting the car, addressing these areas will be relatively straightforward. Despite starting from scratch, the seats are present and ready for reupholstering. Equipped with an automatic transmission, possibly the original Ford-O-Matic three-speed, this Country Sedan offers a fascinating piece of automotive history. The Ford-O-Matic transmission, often mistakenly referred to as a two-speed, is renowned for its reliable performance and was utilized until 1968.

Bonus: Feast your eyes on the remarkable Ford Y-block V-8 engine! While it’s challenging to determine whether it’s a 292 or a 312 cubic-inch variant, imagine the possibilities once this engine is running smoothly. Consider the wow factor of installing the currently available dual-sidedraft intake for an added touch of excitement. Share your thoughts on this incredible Country Sedan in the comments section, and thank you for joining us on this journey through Barn Finds!

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