Rare Gem Unearthed: Reviving the 1976 Triumph TR6 with a Surprise!

Prepare to be captivated by the rare and alluring 1976 Triumph TR6—an undeniable gem in the world of classic British sports cars. With its eight-year production span and an impressive number of 94,619 units sold, the TR6 has become a sought-after masterpiece. This particular 1976 model takes desirability to new heights with its exceptional Topaz Orange paint, a hue only available in 1975 and 1976, coupled with the added luxury of optional air conditioning. After years of sitting dormant, the seller has breathed life back into its engine, presenting an exciting opportunity for a passionate new owner to restore it to its former glory. Listed on eBay in Stanfield, North Carolina, this TR6 has already attracted two bids in a No Reserve auction, reaching $5,100. However, the seller indicates that a respectable offer of $7,450 could secure this mesmerizing treasure. Many thanks to Barn Finder T.J. for discovering this promising restoration candidate.

Among Triumph’s esteemed “TR” series, the TR6 stands out as a personal favorite, boasting a timeless design that has etched itself in the memories of enthusiasts. Spotting one for the first time is an unforgettable experience, a testament to the allure of these charismatic vehicles. The seller acquired this TR6 from a previous owner who had stored it in a dry environment for numerous years. Initially intended as a daily driver restoration project, circumstances have changed, leading the seller to part ways with the vehicle. Described as rare, the Topaz Orange paint exhibits signs of aging, necessitating a fresh coat to recapture its former vibrancy. However, potential buyers will be relieved to discover a rust-free body, with the seller confirming the solid condition of the floors, trunk pan, and top frame. The sleek chrome accents and steel wheels with deep trim rings add a touch of aggression, enhancing the TR6’s overall appeal.

Powering the TR6 is a robust 2,498cc six-cylinder engine, delivering 101hp and 128 ft/lbs of torque. This specific TR6, assembled in Coventry, England, retains its originality, according to the seller who managed to revive the engine using an external fuel source. They attest to its excellent sound and healthy oil pressure, even offering to provide a supporting video for interested buyers. Although the car is not currently roadworthy due to a fuel system clean and soft hydraulics caused by lack of use, these issues can be addressed in a home workshop. Prospective owners should factor in the budget for new parts during the restoration process, yet overall, the impression is that the majority of the work can be tackled without significant difficulty.

The TR6’s interior presents a mix of positives and challenges. The door trims and upper/lower dash pads are in good condition, with potential restoration options for the walnut dash fascia. The driver’s seat has a minor hole that may be repairable with professional expertise, but allocating $700 for a set of replacement covers would yield optimal results. A new carpet set is included, ensuring a fresh start for the interior. The leather-wrapped steering wheel adds a touch of elegance, while the factory air conditioning, a rare feature in these classics, awaits restoration due to years of inactivity. With its rust-free body, unique paint shade, and the potential to restore the A/C system, this 1976 Triumph TR6 presents an exciting opportunity. A high-quality restoration could easily push its value beyond $20,000, with an even higher figure not out of reach. Are you ready to join the bidding frenzy or take

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