Unbelievable Deal: Half-Price for a Pristine 1954 Buick Special Riviera!

Prepare to be amazed by this exceptional find! The Buick Special Riviera, a nameplate that stood the test of time from 1936 to 1996, was known as Buick’s entry-level model. However, this 1954 Special Riviera is far from ordinary. While not labeled as a full restoration, this stunning beauty has undergone extensive work and is in impeccable condition. It requires little attention and is ready to hit the road wherever your heart desires. Currently located in Philmont, New York, this gem is available on craigslist at an unbelievable price of $14,000, a fraction of the $33,000 the seller has invested. Special thanks to Rocco B. for the fantastic tip!

In the aftermath of World War II, Buick underwent a redesign in 1949, resulting in a more modern and stylish appearance. The 1954 models took the revamp further, featuring wider and lower bodies adorned with a striking grille design. This iteration also introduced Buick’s powerful “Fireball” V8 engines, replacing the previous inline eights. Buick’s brand recognition surged in the mid-1950s with sponsorships of popular TV shows like The Buick-Berle Show (starring Uncle Miltie) and The Honeymooners (featuring Jackie Gleason).

The Buick Specials from 1949 to 1957 were distinguished by their three Ventiports on the front fenders (four on higher-end models). Out of the impressive 449,000 Buicks manufactured in 1954, the Special Riviera coupe accounted for approximately 71,000 units, including the exceptional example offered by the seller. This particular model showcases an elegant Arctic White exterior complemented by a recent Titan Red repaint. The current owner has cherished this car for six years and has invested more than double the asking price, attesting to its outstanding condition.

With an alleged mileage of just 44,000, this Buick Special Riviera’s originality is striking. Powering this classic beauty is a 264 cubic inch V8 engine paired with a rebuilt automatic transmission. The interior remains in great shape, except for the front bench seat cover that will require replacement. Noteworthy features include eye-catching Kelsey Hayes wire wheels and brand-new radial tires. Overall, this vehicle exudes charm and authenticity, with only a finicky gasoline gauge reminding us of its 1950s roots. Don’t miss out on this unbelievable deal for a pristine 1954 Buick Special Riviera!

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