Two massive sea lions decided ‘to borrow’ someone’s boat

No matter how hard you’ll seek, it’s definitely impossible to find a better theraphy to cheer you up than a funny animal video. And while most of these lovely footages are about cats and dogs on their daily adventures, from time to time, something new, completely different airs, to make our days. This time, a ridiculous footage of two huge sea lions trying to ride a boat steals the show.

Image credits: fishingjosh/Instagram

Joshua Phillips was enjoying his day on a boat in Eld Inlet near Olympia in Washington, when witnessed an incredible scene. A pair of sea lions went sailing, after they “borrowed” someone’s boat. Only, the boat proved to be a little bit too unfitting for their gigatinc bodies. However, that doesn’t seem to bother the unusual sailors from their ride.

Image credits: fishingjosh/Instagram

“The vessel looked a little off, and we got closer and closer and realized there were two massive animals on board,” Phillips told The Seattle Times. The former soccer player then shared the hilarious footage on Instagram, and it quickly won over the internet.

Of course, the netizens tried to find a explanation for the sea lions decision and they’re as comical as the footage itself. “How to explain this to your insurance agent…’well, you see Bob, I bought the boat for romantic getaways with the wife and this sea lion decided it was time to put some moves on,” one person wrote. While another one, overhelmed by the footage wrote: “Sea lions are the ocean’s puppy…they’re quite entertaining. Dolphins and whales too.”

h/t: boredpanda

Poor boat

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