Heartwarming Transformation: Formerly Chained Dog Embraces Her Puppyhood with Joy and Freedom

Violet the dog was found in December 2016 during a property that seemed quite abandoned. A lady that was driving by spotted her and a number of other pooches that were chained up with really heavy metal chains that weren’t only depriving the dogs from traveling, but also hurting them. When found, Violet was about 2 years old and Angela Stell, founder and director of NMDOG, says they think she might’ve been chained up her entire life.

The property during which Violet and then the other 5 dogs were found, was located in New Mexico, where it’s illegal to stay dogs chained once they haven’t any human supervision. They asked the local county security department to go to the property to find the owner, but it seemed that the dog was abandoned. NMDOG took all of them, including Violet and therefore the road to recovery began.

“She was very, very afraid, and remains a touch timid,” Stell said. They believe that because of this behavior, Violet may need to experience some abuse. However, the pooch is now in healthiness and recovering from the emotional stuff she went through and once her recovery is completed, the loving dog is going to be up for adoption!

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