Watch two former circus elephants reunite after more than 20 years apart

Two elephants reunite after over two decades in one of the most emotional moments animal kingdom have ever offered. Though we, people, consider animals so different, it is a scene like this to prove how many similarities we actually share and how pretty much alike we actually are.

Shirley and Jenny, haven’t seen each other for 22 years, yet them moment they met, the two gentle souls immediately recognize each other. The way they greet each other after so many years left everyone in tears and it shows the love they carried to each other never fade. Even though they had been through a lot over the two decades when they stayed separated, the two elephants find the power to fully enjoy the moment they met again.

Screenshot via Youtube

As we only see the touching moment they reunite, these two gentle giants had the toughest past. For more than 20 years, they have been forced to perform tricks in circuses with the only purpose of entertaining the people who paid to watch them staging in tiny enclosures. Fortunately, all of that finally came to an end after a group of kind people rescued them.

Screenshot via Youtube

After they have been saved from that sad circus life, Shirley and Jenny have been taken at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Here they emotionally reunited! Even separated for so many years, the two old friends immediately recognized each other and their reaction surprised even the keepers. But soon as they went on an open field, the moment that followed is too beautiful for words.

Screenshot via Youtube

“After several minutes of touching and exploring each other, Shirley started to ROAR and I mean ROAR—Jenny joined in immediately,” Carol Buckley, the Executive Director of the Sanctuary described the beautiful moment. “The interaction was dramatic, to say the least, with both elephants trying to climb in with each other and frantically touching each other through the bars. I have never experienced anything even close to this depth of emotion.”

Watch the emotional moment!

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